Display Your Dedication to Social Responsibility

Showcase Your Commitment with Our Social Value Badge

Increase your business’s reputation by displaying the Social Value Badge on your site, a symbol of your active membership with The Social Value Company and a testament to your star rating in social value contributions.

Let your customers see at a glance your commitment to driving positive social and environmental change

All Social Value Company members can display their social value score on their website or any marketing literature

Display Your Social Value Badge with Pride

Let your Social Value Badge be a shining beacon on your website, symbolising your unwavering commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices.

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Advantages of Earning the Social Value Badge

build Trust

Establish Trust with Your Audience Through Transparency and Reliability

Competitive advantage with a badge

Secure a Competitive Advantage in Your Industry

refinforce reputation with a badge

Reinforce Your Reputation as an Ethical and Socially Conscious Organisation

Boost customer loyalty

Boost Customer Loyalty and Engagement by Demonstrating Commitment to Social Responsibility

Simple to Customise & Showcase

Complete a Brief Survey on Your Company's Activities
Receive a Detailed Social Value Score
Personalise Your Badge's Design and Style
Obtain the Embed Code for Your Website

Then Display the Badge On Your Website

Now you're ready to display the prestigious Social Value Badge on your website. This badge not only reflects your rating but also serves as a mark of trust and responsibility, signaling to your customers and partners your dedication to social and environmental betterment.

The integration process is seamless – we provide you with all the necessary digital assets and guidelines to ensure the badge is prominently and professionally displayed, enhancing your site’s credibility and aligning your brand with social value excellence.

Display the badge on your site

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Social Value Badge is awarded to businesses that become members of The Social Value Company and successfully receive a social value star rating. It represents your dedication to social and environmental responsibilities.
To display the badge, you need to be an active member of The Social Value Company and maintain your social value star rating. We provide digital assets and guidelines for properly showcasing the badge on your site.
Yes, the badge is dynamically linked to your star rating. Any changes in your rating will be automatically reflected in the badge displayed on your website, ensuring it always shows your current status.
Absolutely, our Social Value Badge is recognised across various industries as a symbol of commitment to social and environmental excellence. Displaying it boosts your brand's reputation and credibility in the marketplace.
The badge serves as a testament to your ethical practices and social value contributions, helping you stand out to customers, clients, and partners who value corporate social responsibility.
The badge design is standardised to maintain brand consistency. However, we provide guidelines for its display to ensure it complements your website's aesthetic while retaining its distinct identity.