Measuring Your Social Value

At Social Value Company, we meticulously measure your social impact to determine your Social Value Star Rating.

Our government-aligned methodologies, including cost-benefit analysis and Social Return on Investment, assess aspects like sustainability, EDI, and well-being. This thorough evaluation is crucial for our star rating, offering a clear indicator of your social value contributions.

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How We Calculate Your Social Value Star Rating

Our star rating calculation is a blend of precision and comprehensive analysis.

We evaluate key factors such as your company's engagement in sustainability, EDI initiatives, and overall contribution to community well-being. This evaluation is based on a sophisticated algorithm that considers both qualitative and quantitative measures of social impact.

Each aspect is weighted and scored, leading to an overall score that translates into a one to five-star rating. This rating not only reflects your current social value achievements but also guides future improvement areas, providing a clear path towards enhanced societal impact.

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What Your Rating Means

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1 social value star

1 Star – Making a start

If you have a one star rating, this means that you have lots of areas of improvement to make depending on the industry you work in. This could simply mean that you are not collecting enough data or the right data to understand your social impact and social value. Or that you can do more as a business or project strategically to increase your Social Impact and Social Value. Our experts of consultants can help you with that.

2 social value stars

2 Stars – Average

If you have a two star rating, this means that you are on the way to performing good but could have some of areas of improvement to make depending on the industry you work in. This could be more data collection particularly regarding your supply chain but need to review if you are focusing on the right Social Value KPIs and may need a Social Value Strategy in place that will increase your Social Value on your next reporting. Our experts of consultants can help you with that.

3 social value stars

3 stars – Good

If you have a 3 star rating, this means that you are doing really well in terms of delivering Social Value both within your organisation and for your clients. To increase your Social Value from this middle point you might want to review your Social Value Strategy so that you are creating more Social Value in how you deliver your Social Value KPIs both internally to support your business and externally to support your clients.

4 social value stars

4 Stars Excellent

If you have a 4 star rating, you are outperforming your peers in the industry. You are delivering really well against your Social Value KPIS that you have set as a business and are delivering against your commitments to you clients. You have fully integrated Sustainability, EDI and Wellbeing into your Social Value Strategy There may be improvements you can make but continue what you are doing.

5 social value stars

5 Stars - Outstanding

If you have a 5 star rating, then you have done everything you can do to be the best at embedding and delivering Social Value Within your business and for your clients. You are outperforming against your peers in your industry, you are collecting the data you need to evidence the Social Impact and Social Value you create, and you are delivering your Social Value strategy to achieve maximum value. Your social, economic and environmental contribution to society is outstanding. Keep doing what you are doing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Social Value Star Rating is a comprehensive system designed to evaluate and rate a company's impact on social and environmental factors, ranging from one to five stars.
Our star rating is calculated using a sophisticated algorithm that assesses various aspects of social and environmental contributions, including sustainability, EDI, and community well-being.
Businesses can join by becoming a member and completing a survey. Our tool will then evaluate your responses and calculate your overall social value score and star rating.
Factors such as effective sustainability practices, robust EDI policies, and tangible contributions to community well-being heavily influence the star rating.
Absolutely. The star rating is designed to be dynamic, encouraging continuous improvement. By enhancing social and environmental practices, a company can positively impact its rating.
Yes, we offer tailored support and guidance to businesses aiming to improve their social value contributions and, consequently, their star rating.

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