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Why Have a Branded Wellness Portal?

Discover the Benefit of Embracing a Branded Wellness Portal
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    Empower Member well-being

    Physical, mental, and financial needs addressed comprehensively.

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    Seamless Brand Integration

    Our wellness portal complements your website flawlessly.

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    Thrive as a Thought Leader

    Our innovative well-being solution sets you apart from competitors.

Simple, Yet Powerful Features

Unlock a wealth of user-friendly features for a personalised wellness journey.
Les Mills: Choose from 200+ diverse workouts to sculpt your body and boost your energy, no gym required
Fitness AI: Your personal virtual trainer for tailored advice.
Daily Workouts: Your daily dose of fitness inspiration, all in one place.
Meal Plans: Personalised meal plans tailored to your fitness and dietary goals.
Recipe Videos: Step-by-step video guides to whip up delicious, healthy meals.
Cooking Masterclass: Master culinary basics with easy-to-follow instructional videos.
Recipe Guides: Explore a world of tasty, health-conscious recipes.
Nutrition Articles: Deepen your knowledge of healthy eating habits.
Weight Tracker: Monitor your progress with our invaluable tool.
BMI Calculator: Understand and manage your body mass index effectively.
Health Articles: Stay informed about maintaining your overall wellness.
Reels: Get quick, actionable wellness tips and motivation through engaging clips.
All Fitness Articles: A treasure trove of expert insights, from exercise to nutrition.
Run Tracker: Elevate your running game with precise tracking and performance analysis.
Mental Health AI Support: Your companion for mental well-being, offering guidance and understanding.
Yoga Videos: Enhance flexibility and find inner peace with our yoga library.
Relaxing Music: Dive into a world of soothing tunes for meditation and relaxation.
Guided Meditations: Achieve mindfulness and tranquillity through guided meditation sessions.
Affirmations: Boost your mindset and motivation with positive affirmations.
Goals: Set, track, and celebrate personal milestones.
Mood Tracker: Foster self-awareness and growth by monitoring your emotional well-being.
Support Services: Rapid access to personalised mental health resources.
Guides: Empower yourself with self-improvement resources.
Challenges: Seven-day challenges for mental wellness enhancement.
App: Dive into our comprehensive mental health app for well-being on the go.
Downloadable Planners: Achieve your goals with organised, effective planning.
Brain Games: Boost cognitive function with fun and engaging mental exercises.
Mental Well-being Articles: Gain valuable insights into your well-being journey.
XO Discounts: Enjoy incredible savings with our free discount card at major UK retailers.
Financial Health AI Support: Personalised financial advice and insights.
Budget Manager/Tracker: Effective financial management made easy.
Mortgage Calculator: Get precise monthly payment estimates effortlessly.
Mortgage Payment Calculator: Easily track your mortgage repayment journey.
Rent Affordability Calculator: Determine realistic rent budgets with confidence.
Mortgage Comparison: Make informed mortgage decisions with our interactive tool.
Stamp Duty Calculator: Estimate property purchase stamp duty costs accurately.
Rental Yield Calculator: Unlock the potential of property investments with our comprehensive tool.
Support Services: Tailored financial assistance at your fingertips.
Financial Guides: Master financial literacy and secure your financial success.
Insurance Quotes: Secure competitive insurance quotes effortlessly.
Articles: Stay informed with insightful financial advice articles for wise money management and planning.
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Peter Cuffaro
Owner - Peter Cuffaro Estate Agents

" The partnership with The Social Value Company has been a game-changer for us. By offering physical, mental, and financial support through our branded wellness platform, we've solidified our position as a community-driven business, earning the loyalty and trust of your members. Beyond property transactions, we now actively contribute to the well-being of our community, fostering a positive impact that resonates far beyond just being an estate agency "


"The Social Value Company has been a tremendous asset in our mission to provide mental health support to our local community. Its comprehensive tools and resources empower individuals to take control of their well-being, fostering stronger relationships and positioning us as a thought leader"

Mark Thompson
Founder - Pixel Personnel

" Our collaboration with The Social Value Company has been instrumental in supporting our candidates through their job search and starting their new roles. It offers invaluable assistance, helping them stay resilient and focused during challenging times"