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We help SMEs win up to 20% more work by showcasing their social value. Now, more than ever, doing good can help your business succeed.

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly showcase, articulate, and spotlight your social value for significant wins.

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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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The Importance of Social Value in Tendering

Social value is crucial when you tender as it aligns procurement decisions with broader societal goals, supports economic growth, and enhances the well-being of communities.

By integrating social value considerations into your tendering process, your organisation can make more informed and responsible decisions that not only benefit your businesses bottom-line but also society as a whole.

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Making Social Value Simple

How We Can Help With Your
Social Value Tendering & Procurement

Enhancing Your Tender Success: Expert Support and Innovative Tools

We provide expert support for companies engaging in tendering processes, leveraging our specialised skills in crafting winning tenders.

Key to our approach is our "Social Value Calculator", a sophisticated tool we've developed to calculate your business's social value score.

Our expertise extends to guiding you in effectively using this score and report to strengthen your tender submissions.

This service underscores your commitment to social value and showcases our proficiency in enhancing your competitiveness in tendering scenarios.

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Expertise in writing Social Value Tender Submissions

Our Social Value Consultants specialise in crafting tender responses that are designed to achieve maximum scores, irrespective of the social value weighting.

We possess the expertise to tailor your responses in a way that aligns your capabilities with the client's requirements.

This approach ensures that your social value commitments are seamlessly integrated into your everyday operations, minimising any additional costs and making them as cost-neutral as possible.

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Showcasing Your Excellence: Our Social Value Star Rating System

We offer a unique star rating system to showcase your company's commitment to social value, enhancing your profile in tender processes.

This system evaluates your social value practices and contributions, translating them into a recognisable star rating.

By displaying this rating, your company not only demonstrates its dedication to social value but also strengthens its appeal and credibility in competitive tendering scenarios. This service helps you stand out, highlighting your commitment in a clear, quantifiable way.

Star Rating For Social Value Tenders

Maximising Your Tendering Chances

Our "Social Value Calculator" is a state-of-the-art tool uniquely designed for businesses to quantify their social value impact.

This innovative calculator assesses various aspects of your company's operations and social initiatives, accurately determining your social value score. It goes a step further by producing an in-depth report that outlines your contributions in clear, measurable terms.

This tool is an invaluable asset for businesses looking to understand and showcase their social value, providing tangible evidence of their commitment to making a positive social impact.

Whether for internal analysis or enhancing tender applications, our Social Value Calculator is a crucial resource in highlighting and improving your company's social contributions.

Social Value Tendering Tool

Our SME Pro Social Value Package Includes

Social Value Report

Estimate your social impact with your simple to generate ESG report

Social Value Star Rating

We will give you a star rating based on your social value contribution

Well-being Platform

Improve your employee well-being and your organisational social value

Consultancy & Support

Speak with our expert economists on how you can improve your social impact


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is designed to help SMEs showcase their social value effectively, increasing the chances of winning up to 20% more work. We provide a user-friendly solution that empowers you to effortlessly articulate, showcase, and spotlight your social value, aligning with the mandatory 10% weighting towards social value in the tendering and procurement process.

Our Social Value report is a valuable tool that assists you in gaining the highest marks against social value questions during tendering and procurement. With the introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, Policy Procurement Note 06/20 Social Value Model, and the recent Procurement Bill 2023, the calculator ensures your business meets the mandatory 10% weighting for social value.

Our subject matter experts have supported clients by:
  • Developing Social Value Procurement Strategies
  • Setting social value questions for tender documents
  • Developing Social Value Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reflected in tender documents
  • Evaluating tender responses and scoring submissions against social value weighting
  • Setting social value KPIs as contractual commitments at the contract award stage
  • Establishing financial penalties for non-delivery of social value commitments as part of contractual obligations

The SME Social Value Package provides access to a range of tools for one affordable price, covering:
  • Social Value Report
  • Social Value Star Rating
  • Well-being Platform
  • Consultancy & Support
These tools are tailored to address all your social value needs, helping you effectively showcase your commitment and impact.

The Social Value Report offers a comprehensive analysis of your social impact and value. It provides insights into your annual social impact and value reports, helping you forecast potential commitments during the tendering and procurement process.

To get started, explore our website and sign up for our SME Social Value Package. If you have specific inquiries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team through the contact options provided on the website.

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