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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Unlock streamlined reporting, strategic guidance, and enhanced well-being initiatives for employees and customers with our all-in-one Social Value Solution.

Show your commitment to social responsibility through our user-friendly platform, designed to seamlessly streamline social value, ESG, and well-being reporting.

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Procurement & Tendering Help

Our team of subject matter experts is equipped to offer comprehensive support in enhancing your social value procurement strategies.

This includes crafting social value questions, key performance indicators (KPIs) along with scoring evaluations for tender submissions based on their social value weighting.

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Employee Well-being Platform

We have created a well-being platform to improve staff moral, reduce your absenteeism and increase your productivity through our well-being

Our app helps promote financial, physical and mental well-being along with discounts and educational content to inspire your workforce.

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What is Social Value?

Positive Impact Social value encompasses an organisations or initiatives positive impact on society through either an individual or community well-being. It negates the financial gain and instead focuses on the societal benefits.

Societal Betterment For a company like yours, this typically means developing tools, services, or programs aimed at societal betterment and enhancing people's lives.

Legislation The Social Value Act 2012 introduced social value into the Public Sector procurement process, however it was not until January 2021 with the introduction of PPN 06/20 that Social Value became a mandatory requirement for the procurement of all Government contracts.

Procurement The Procurement Bill of 2023 has introduced new criteria for awarding contracts, emphasising not just price and quality but also Social Value. According to this legislation, public sector procurement processes can now assign up to 10% of the total evaluation marks specifically for social value considerations.

In the past 6 months, we have helped our clients realise social value amounting to:

£ 9 1 4 , 6 7 6 , 3 8 0

Our Recent Social Value Projects

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Project: Salford Youth Zone
Client: Salford City Council

The Social Value Company developed the Social Value Strategy for Salford City Council and Onside’s Salford Youth Zone, employing a Whole Life Value approach to assess the project’s impact during construction and operation.

The strategy incorporated the National TOMs framework and Salford City Council Planning Guidance, which only estimated an additional £1.5m social value during construction (£1.13 per £1 invested). However, using our approach we estimated that the real Social Value was £14.5m during the construction phase (£2.06 per £1 invested).

Furthermore, over a 25-year operational period, the project is expected to generate an additional £125m in social value.

Overall, the Whole Life Value of the Salford Youth Zone is forecasted at £171m, equating to £3.47 for every £1 invested. The project, set to complete by the end of 2024, has now received planning permission.

Project: Social Value Impact Report
Client: MMP Consultancy Ltd

In a recent collaboration with a leading recruitment company, we harnessed the power of our automated reporting tool and expert consultants to showcase their social value impact.

The results were striking—our comprehensive report revealed an astonishing £40,000,000 in social value generated within just 12 months.

This quantifiable impact not only reflected their commitment to societal well-being but also served as a powerful tool in the competitive landscape. The numbers spoke volumes— a remarkable 63% increase in successful bids and tenders.

By leveraging their newfound social value narrative, the recruitment company not only strengthened its position as a socially responsible entity but also witnessed a significant upswing in revenue.

This success story underscores the transformative power of integrating social value into business strategy, reinforcing our commitment to driving positive change for our clients.

Project: Improve Student Well-being

In a recent collaboration with a prominent course company, we spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative to prioritise student well-being.

Leveraging our plug-and-play white-labeled well-being platform, seamlessly integrated into their existing system, we benefited a staggering 100,000 students.

This innovative approach not only showcased their commitment to student welfare but also created a unique selling proposition. Strategically aligning their social value responsibilities with course promotion, the company experienced a remarkable 5% increase in course sign-ups.

By intertwining education with a conscientious approach to student welfare, the company not only demonstrated its commitment to societal impact but also experienced tangible growth in its enrollment numbers.

This success story exemplifies the powerful synergy between social responsibility and business success, illustrating our dedication to driving positive change for our clients.

Highlighting your social value metrics is crucial. At the Social Value Company we're dedicated to ensuring your business not only meets industry standards but also emerges as a distinguished leader in demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Chris Morgan

Co-Founder of The Social Value Company

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Chris Morgan

Co-Founder of The Social Value Company

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