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All Social Value packages come with free access for up to 200 of your staff to our employee well-being platform.

employee well-being platform
For each Employee who uses our well-being platform an additional £2500 will be added to your social value


Simple, Yet Powerful Well-being Features

Unlock a wealth of user-friendly features for a personalised wellness journey for your staff

Les Mills: Choose from 200+ diverse workouts to sculpt your body and boost your energy, no gym required
Fitness AI: Your personal virtual trainer for tailored advice.
Daily Workouts: Your daily dose of fitness inspiration, all in one place.
Meal Plans: Personalised meal plans tailored to your fitness and dietary goals.
Recipe Videos: Step-by-step video guides to whip up delicious, healthy meals.
Cooking Masterclass: Master culinary basics with easy-to-follow instructional videos.
Recipe Guides: Explore a world of tasty, health-conscious recipes.
Nutrition Articles: Deepen your knowledge of healthy eating habits.
Weight Tracker: Monitor your progress with our invaluable tool.
BMI Calculator: Understand and manage your body mass index effectively.
Health Articles: Stay informed about maintaining your overall wellness.
Reels: Get quick, actionable wellness tips and motivation through engaging clips.
All Fitness Articles: A treasure trove of expert insights, from exercise to nutrition.
Run Tracker: Elevate your running game with precise tracking and performance analysis.
Mental Health AI Support: Your companion for mental well-being, offering guidance and understanding.
Yoga Videos: Enhance flexibility and find inner peace with our yoga library.
Relaxing Music: Dive into a world of soothing tunes for meditation and relaxation.
Guided Meditations: Achieve mindfulness and tranquillity through guided meditation sessions.
Affirmations: Boost your mindset and motivation with positive affirmations.
Goals: Set, track, and celebrate personal milestones.
Mood Tracker: Foster self-awareness and growth by monitoring your emotional well-being.
Support Services: Rapid access to personalised mental health resources.
Guides: Empower yourself with self-improvement resources.
Challenges: Seven-day challenges for mental wellness enhancement.
App: Dive into our comprehensive mental health app for well-being on the go.
Downloadable Planners: Achieve your goals with organised, effective planning.
Brain Games: Boost cognitive function with fun and engaging mental exercises.
Mental Well-being Articles: Gain valuable insights into your well-being journey.
XO Discounts: Enjoy incredible savings with our free discount card at major UK retailers.
Financial Health AI Support: Personalised financial advice and insights.
Budget Manager/Tracker: Effective financial management made easy.
Mortgage Calculator: Get precise monthly payment estimates effortlessly.
Mortgage Payment Calculator: Easily track your mortgage repayment journey.
Rent Affordability Calculator: Determine realistic rent budgets with confidence.
Mortgage Comparison: Make informed mortgage decisions with our interactive tool.
Stamp Duty Calculator: Estimate property purchase stamp duty costs accurately.
Rental Yield Calculator: Unlock the potential of property investments with our comprehensive tool.
Support Services: Tailored financial assistance at your fingertips.
Financial Guides: Master financial literacy and secure your financial success.
Insurance Quotes: Secure competitive insurance quotes effortlessly.
Articles: Stay informed with insightful financial advice articles for wise money management and planning.


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All Prices Plus VAT. 12 month contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our all-in-one solution focuses on enhancing workplace well-being or your customers or communities well-being, encompassing mental, physical, and financial health. By providing tools and programs, coupled with our integrated AI system, we empower your organisation to position itself as a thriving and productive company, improving both well-being and social value.

All Social Value packages offer free access for up to 200 users to our well-being platform. Additionally, for each user using our platform, an additional £2400 is added to your social value.

Our platform includes features such as:
  • Physical Health:
    • Les Mills: Choose from 200+ diverse workouts.
    • Fitness AI: Your personal virtual trainer.
    • Daily Workouts, Meal Plans, Recipe Videos, Cooking Masterclass, and more.
  • Mental Health:
    • Reels: Quick, actionable wellness tips and motivation.
    • All Fitness Articles: Expert insights on exercise and nutrition.
    • Run Tracker: Elevate your running game with precise tracking.
  • Financial Health:
    • Budget Tracker: Manage your financial goals effectively.
    • Financial Wellness Articles: Stay informed about financial well-being.

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