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We help you navigate the complexities of Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting with tailored strategies that align with your corporate values and objectives.

Our expertise in social value and wellbeing ensures comprehensive and meaningful reporting, driving your business towards a sustainable future.

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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Maximise Your ESG Impact with Our Specialist Social Value Consultants and Tools

Social Value Reporting Just Got Easier!

Navigate the evolving landscape of ESG reporting with our team of expert social value consultants. We understand the intricacies of integrating social responsibility into your business framework. Our approach combines in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge tools designed to measure, analyse, and enhance your company's social impact.

Leveraging our bespoke tools, we provide detailed insights into your social value contributions, ensuring that your ESG reports are not only compliant but also reflective of your commitment to societal wellbeing. From streamlining data collection to crafting narratives that resonate with stakeholders, our services are tailored to elevate your ESG reporting, making it a powerful tool for sustainable growth and positive community impact.

Partner with us to transform your ESG reporting into a strategic asset that showcases your dedication to making a meaningful difference in society while driving your business forward

All in one social value reporting package

Our Reporting Product

Our tool offers a comprehensive suite of reports and dashboards, meticulously designed to measure various aspects of social value.

From Intrinsic Social Value to Environmental Impact, and from EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) Representation to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Alignment, we provide a multifaceted view of your company’s social footprint.

Key features include:

Total Social Value Score in monetary terms.
Detailed analysis of Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts
Total Social Value Score Ratio / Stars.
Scores and insights on Flexible and Hybrid Working, Staff Health, Waste Management, Carbon Reduction, and more.
Our Social Value reporting tool

Key Benefits of ESG Reporting

Improved Brand Reputation Effective ESG reporting demonstrates a company's commitment to ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, which can significantly enhance its reputation among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Increased Investor Confidence Transparent and comprehensive ESG reporting can attract socially conscious investors and increase confidence among existing shareholders, as it showcases the company’s commitment to long-term sustainability and ethical operations.

Enhanced Risk Management By identifying and reporting on ESG-related risks, companies can proactively manage these issues, reducing potential liabilities and ensuring more stable, sustainable operations.

Operational Efficiency ESG reporting often involves examining and optimising operational processes, which can lead to increased resource efficiency, waste reduction, and overall cost savings.

Competitive Advantage Companies that excel in ESG reporting may gain a competitive edge by differentiating themselves in the market. This advantage is particularly relevant as consumers and business partners increasingly prefer companies with strong ESG credentials.

Long-Term Sustainability Effective ESG reporting helps companies focus on long-term strategies that balance economic growth with societal and environmental wellbeing, paving the way for sustainable business practices and long-term success.

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    Customise report colours , text and add your logo for a cohesive look

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Frequently Asked Questions

ESG Reporting involves disclosing data on a company's environmental, social, and governance practices. It's vital for showcasing corporate responsibility, attracting socially-conscious investors, and managing long-term risks.

Our specialised consultants provide comprehensive assistance in ESG reporting, including data analysis, compliance guidance, strategy development, and crafting impactful narratives that resonate with stakeholders.

Our approach is unique due to our focus on integrating social value and wellbeing into ESG strategies. We use innovative tools and in-depth industry knowledge to ensure your reporting is both impactful and aligned with global standards.

Absolutely. We stay abreast of global and regional ESG standards and regulations, ensuring your reporting is compliant and relevant to all necessary frameworks and guidelines.

We utilise advanced tools and methodologies to quantify social value. This includes assessing community impact, employee wellbeing, and other social factors, ensuring they are accurately reflected in your ESG reports.

Effective ESG reporting leads to improved brand reputation, enhanced investor confidence, better risk management, operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, and a solid foundation for sustainable business practices.