Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Trusted to help businesses just like yours with their social value

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Expert Social Value Consultancy For Your Business

Elevate Your Social Value Journey with Expert Guidance and Ongoing Support

Discover a transformative approach to social impact with The Social Value Company's Inclusive Consultancy Package. Benefit from over 30 years of expertise, tailored sessions, and continuous support, positioning your business as a thought leader of positive change.

Expert Consultancy Service

A Cost Effective All-in-one Social Value Package

Much more than just social value consultancy

Your Inclusive Consultancy Package with The Social Value Company offers a comprehensive and transformative approach to social impact. Here's a breakdown of key points:

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Methodology We Employ

Our Whole Life Value Methodology

The Social Value Company specialises in Whole Life Value methodology, guiding clients to understand the long-term impact of their projects and investments.

This approach integrates HM Treasury Green Book Appraisal Techniques, SROI, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Economic Impact Analysis, ensuring ESG compliance, legal adherence, and transparency in meeting local and global objectives.

Whole Life Value is aligned to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, PPN 06/21 Social Value Framework, the Construction Playbook and the Value Toolkit in terms of Value-Based Procurement which looks beyond the pre-construction and construction phases of a project.

Our Social Value Consultancy Methodology

Our SME Pro Social Value Package Includes

Social Value Report

Estimate your social impact with your simple to generate ESG report

Social Value Star Rating

We will give you a star rating based on your social value contribution

Well-being Platform

Improve your employee well-being and your organisational social value

Consultancy & Support

Speak with our expert economists on how you can improve your social impact


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All Prices Plus VAT. 12 month contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Inclusive Consultancy Pro Package stands included a half day of consultancy, ongoing support, plus access to our well-being platform for up to 200 of your staff. Additional consultancy hours can be added for an extra cost.

The consultancy session is designed to delve into the nuances of your current situation. We aim to provide valuable perspectives on how to elevate and enhance your social impact, offering a deeper understanding of social value specific to your business.

We go beyond surface-level insights, providing clients with invaluable knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions and drive positive change. Our focus is on offering a profound understanding of social value and its implications.

The consultancy package includes ongoing support, serving as an in-house resource for addressing questions or challenges related to social value, impact, ESG, environmental considerations, or sustainability. We are committed to providing sustained assistance.

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